Artificial turf is just what it sounds like- a grass-like substance used in places where grass won’t grow, or to lower the maintenance costs of regular grass lawns. It stays green all year round, making it an increasingly popular choice among homeowners.
Artificial turf is made from flexible grass blades that resemble natural grass. Most artificial turf systems consist of a multi-layered backing system and they also include a drainage layer. These features allow for the long durability of the turf due to the uniformity, resilience and stability.
Definitely. Rubber and sand infill were used in the first artificial turf systems after 1990. In comparison to the systems of the 1960’s, the newer systems were improving player performance and safety. The systems of today integrate the features the resemble natural turf which in turn give the benefits of low cost maintenance, extra revenue generation, safety and increased frequency of usage.
Very. At present, over one million gallons of water are saved annually thanks to synthetic turf. To increase this amount, many local governments offer tax credits and rebates to motivate homeowners and businesses to make use of artificial turf. It also eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers.
Very safe. There have been numerous worldwide studies that have proven the safety of artificial turf, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.
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While some synthetic turf has been reported as heating up quicker than regular grass, it’s nothing a little hose down won’t sort out.
Yes. Many of our systems have an integrated drainage layer and it also has flexible durable blades. These allow for the water to drain away with ease and in turn will not damage the turf.
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